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S T A T U S : my Diffusion is Stable. R E P E A T : my Diffusion is Stable.
It is my Dithering Bits that may perplex you.
Don't whisper sweet-nothings to AI's pretending it is art, or love.

Our teaching centers have failed us: Let me coach you in practical art + design skills for a lifetime. I mash tech + culture for my career and glad to sherpa you on both digital & analog arts. I mentor & guide, but you'll train eyes & hands with timeless skills beyond fads.

fonts & calligraphy
pithy words & mottos
digital & analog foundry
colored prisma pencil on illustration board
pens, pencils, gouche,
oils, acrylic & airbrush
avatars and icons
concept development,
publishing + streaming
goods and services
imaginary materials
real and virtual spaces
tessellated surfaces
art installations
murals & tromp-l'oeil
streaming-first events
market voodoo & logos
Who do you want on your team?
Wraptures earth globe brand

wrapping textures


Hand-made libraries of photographic patterns, alpha masks, loops for VR games, CAD/CAM …worlds

Hypertext multimedia lessons with new verb:noun queries & video submenus of Picasso's painting as window to non-linear learning.


DynaBook interactive
iTV learning

Hypertext learning with verbs:nouns & video submenus of Picasso's painting as neo window

Space Shuttle Launcher catamaran launch vehicle as safer, eceological, munisple space travel

Shuttle Launcher

space travel

Challenger crash inspires new steps off-planet re-thinking Yeager's X-1A space-plane

Players share Fishies with friends, webcam to Grandma through fishbowl glass so she feeds them when child is away. Toys merge real-world concepts with virtual for licensable gameplay.

virtual pets

Appy Toys
virtual pets

Share AI pets via fishbowl-cam for socialization & mental health, merging real-world w/licensable gameplay

Temples heal grieve, death, and loss, and hand-built over many months with love and care creating a balanced, comforting, and peaceful center for emotional release and healing... and then we ritually burn them down

 Temples of
Grace and Love

Public Art
Burning Man

Memorials heal our losses, & I build them for comfort & catharthis... then ritually burn'em down

Realistic rose urban freeway mural in Portland, Oregon. Local & state art grants and just-folk handing cash.

Rose Mural
city scale art

public art

Realistic red rose over freeway. Grants via municipal, state, & local bands. 150ft x 35ft 1984

Designed a 3D room with objects for targeted topics; TV for entertainment, Smart Toaster for DTP, Solar System as science, Book is Education. Clicking  magic Banker’s Lamp flew audiences to financial screen.  Wiring video control and mixing PiP video for immersion telling Macromedia Director to play laserdisc sequences of pre-rendered 3D flight sequence, Dragon’s Lair style.

Radius TV

Poor-man's VR
product rollout

Where TVs, SmartToasters, Book & Lamp become immersive lessons for product rollout extravaganza

Designed the earth globe icon ID deployed in NCS Mosaic, the first graphical web browser with any appeal. Inspired by shared-vision projects of distance-collapsing art fascinates me, like early linked video cafes of Kit Galloway creating people bridges by opening windows to other worlds

Mosaic 1.0
first steps

the internet begins

Designed the earth globe ID of NCS Mosaic, first graphic browser. Inspired by space-collapsing art of Kit Galloway's video cafes linking globe

What we do is who we become.
What we imagine is where to go.
. .. …sand doodling somewhere along the specific ocean.

"Form Follows Fun!"

Founded in 1987
Webbed since 1996

Three decades
Tying black-boxes
of tech complexity
in ribbons of simplicity

{US} 415-305-7699